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Painted Heart

Cancer Support Group


Cancer Survivors, Caregivers & People interested in encouraging those with cancer


To encourage

To be encouraged


3rd Tuesday of the Month at 7 pm

Christ Lutheran Church, 1201 S.Elm St., Jefferson, IA

Thursday immediately after the 3rd Tuesday at 4 pm

Marchant Memorial Library, 1102 Main St., Scranton, IA 


Click on the link below for additional information.


“If I had been doing my cancer back in the day when people just did not talk about it, I would not have survived long at all. I am a big believer in talking about it, especially with other survivors and care givers.  When we start sharing our experiences, worries, fears, and even our outrageously funny stories in the Cancer Support Group, everybody gets better.”

“After my cancer diagnosis, I told myself everything would be all right and I could make this journey alone with family support.  Invitations for the group came and I was reluctant, but went, and have not missed a meeting since.  The feeling of HOPE was so strong.  Thanks to all who attend.  You have given me HOPE and made my journey more pleasant.”

“Sharing HOPE through the encouragement of people on a common journey, surviving cancer.  Meeting to listen and respond to others’ needs.”

“Getting together with a very positive and well-organized leader and other cancer survivors and supporters is such a well-spent hour for me each month.  We are introduced to inspirational books and saying, new cancer information, and nutritional foods.”

“Thankful for encouragement to let our lights shine.  There is always HOPE.  Believe!”

“Very gracious for a supportive and encouraging group.”

“With cancer as one of the most stressful experiences, I find this group therapeutic, feel a sense of community, do not feel alone, feel a level of warmth and humor in the group where we have time for HOPE, celebration, and rejoicing, and hear pertinent topics.”

“I love it!  I hate to miss a meeting! It is very encouraging!”

Cancer Support Group: Community Events
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